We built a world of neon to Show Your GLOW 綻 霓。

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Story began in the 70s Hong Kong 香港. We relive it in a new young world of neon art.

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'cause we can't 不 tolerate a world of DULLNESS 悶 anymore.

The Personalisation 獨一

Our creativity may run out, but your uniqueness won't.

We believe everyone is unique. So should your GLOWINK masterpiece be.

Any words. Any colours. Write them down in 1 minute, and our designers will customise your needs and make your personalised artwork.

If uniqueness is the only thing you truly care, so do we.

Chineselisation 中

Language barrier is never a barrier to GLOWINK. To build a world of cool, we are ready to be your coolest border killer. Just type anything cool in your language, literally any language, then we will do the deep translation for you and build your desired personalised artwork in Chinese.

collect my borderlessly 無 界 chineselised masterpiece

-HKD$85.2 Thank You Hong Kong Discount 禮

No Hong Kong, No GLOWINK. We would like to specially thank HK for the dazzling inspiration. If you are a +852 whom delivery address is within the HK border, we are pleased to offer you a Thank You Discount of HKD85.2 (USD10.9) discount off everything before 20th October. Type the code "THANKSHK" when you check out!沒有香港,就沒有霓墨。為了向香港的璀璨霓虹致謝,我們特為所有送貨地址在香港境內的香港朋友在10月20日前送出港幣85.2元 (美金10.9元) 的特別感謝折扣。結帳時謹記輸入優惠碼「THANKSHK」!

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