GLOWINK Care: 1 Price, 2 Years, 5 Products, Unlimited Services

Sale price Price $14.99 USD Regular price $25.00 USD

We treasure your neon light as much as you do.

GLOWINK's neon lights are made by high-tech electrical materials. Yet, there are still some probabilities that they will not work. We do not want to see such a stunning gift disappoint you some day.

Therefore, we launch this GLOWINK Care maintenance service to help you hedge the risk.

One Fixed Price, Ensure Everything:

You just have to pay this one fixed price, then in the following 2 years, all your neon lights (up to 5) from GLOWINK will be insured.

No matter what or how many the problems are, just send them to us. In these 2 years, we will fix them all for unlimited times!

So, just sit back and relax!